Berardino Cesi

I am Assistant Professor of Public Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. My main research interests are Microeconomics and Industrial Organization, with a special focus competition economics, antitrust, market design and incentives with specific applications to public procurement, economics of regulation, health contracting, and environment.

I have published articles in journals such as Journal of Public Economics, BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Manchester School, Bulletin of Economic Research, Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics, Economics Bulletin, Italian Economic Journal.

I am part of the pool of experts in public procurement at the Italian National School of Administration (SNA), Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and I worked at the research unit of the Italian Public Procurement Agency.

I have advised regional and national governmental bodies, including the Italian Minister of the Interior Italian, the National Anti-Corruption Authority, the Italian Court of Audit, the National Fire Department and the National Police Department, as well as private companies such as Acea SpA, multiutility for the water, energy and environmental sectors.