Impact assessment on rules concerning third countries’ reciprocal access to EU public procurement Game theory considerations on third countries’ reciprocal access rules to EU public procurement Research paper

Nicola Dimitri

Abstract: Focusing  on  some  main  strategic  themes, underlying  the  EU  and third  countries  interaction  in  public  procurement  markets  (PPM), within a very stylised game theory framework a main message of the paper  suggests  that  open  PPM  may  be  more  likely  when,  in  the parties’  negotiations,  the  perspective  of  contracting authorities prevails  on  that  of  the  business  firms.  We  then  discuss  conditions under  which  also  a  business  firms’  perspective  may  enhance reciprocated  open  PPM. Based  on  the  analysis  the  paper  ends  with remarks on the likelihood of third countries retaliation, following the EU policy measures ruling access of external companies in its PPM.

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