The Relationship between Cultural Tightness-Looseness and Organizational Innovativeness: A Comparative Research into the Turkish and Italian Marble Industries.

Appolloni Andrea, Ozeren E., Ozmen O.N.T. (2013). Transition Studies Review.

Abstract: When examining the literature of cross-cultural field holistically, it can be seen that the dominant paradigm in the literature is based on values. However, in recent decades there have been growing criticisms against values in explaining cultural differences adequately and thus a new cultural dimension so called “tightness-looseness” has, once again, come to the forefront. The beginning point of this research is based on the assumption that cultural tightness-looseness, defined as strength, importance, pervasive and binding of norms within a certain community, which was previously examined on a societal level, might also have significant implications within organizations. In this regard, the ultimate objective of the research is to examine the validity and reliability of the construct in Turkish and Italian marble industries using a comparative approach, while considering the cultural dimension of tightness-looseness at an organizational level and aiming to explore its relationship with organizational innovativeness empirically. The survey method has therefore been adopted. The results and implications of the study are discussed in greater detail and recommendations for future studies made.

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