Handbook of Procurement

Editors: Nicola Dimitri, Università degli Studi Siena; Gustavo Piga Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"; Giancarlo Spagnolo Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Description: How can organizations ensure that they can get best value for money in their procurement decisions? How can they stimulate innovations from their dedicated suppliers? With contributions from leading academics and professionals, this 2006 handbook offers expert guidance on the fundamental aspects of successful procurement design and management in firms, public administrations, and international institutions. The issues addressed include the management of dynamic procurement; the handling of procurement risk; the architecture of purchasing systems; the structure of incentives in procurement contracts; methods to increase suppliers' participation in procurement contests and e-procurement platforms; how to minimize the risk of collusion and of corruption; pricing and reputation mechanisms in e-procurement platforms; and how procurement can enhance innovation. Inspired by frontier research, it provides practical recommendations to managers, engineers and lawyers engaged in private and public procurement design.

  • Each chapter contains 'practical conclusions': guidelines which focus the readers' attention on the main points that efficient procurement procedures should consider.
  • Written in a real-life business context, as each chapter is a response to problems encountered by the authors in their consultancy activity.
  • Innovative solutions proposed in the light of research.

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